EVOLUTION OF THE ELECTRIC SHAMAN - Jim Morrison's Journey Beyond Shamanism
by laciefae
One of the most important aspects of Jim Morrison's work is its spiritual nature.
The unprecedented explosion of consciousness expansion among young people in the late Sixties provided a unique opportunity for Jim to create a new paradigm in ecstatic/experiential religious forms. Laciefae explores the evidence his life and legacy provide, into the nature of the electric shaman.

HWY: Jim Morrison's Unfinished Opus
by laciefae
The recent availablility of Jim Morrison's only film project HWY seems to have created more questions than it has answered. Laciefae offers an alternative to some of the prevailing opinions..

James Douglas Morrison, Poet: Observations on the Work
by laciefae
This is the first in a series of essays in which laciefae explores JIm's poetic works.

by Ms. Mojo
Waiting For The Sun club member Ms. Mojo shares her memories of the times and a special evening under the desert sky with the Doors.

by David Lilly
Considering the purchase or trade of live shows? Waiting For The Sun club member David Lilly offers his commentary on live Doors performances.

by Diana Moriarity & laciefae

Diana and laciefae review books about Jim, The Doors and those who influenced Jim artistically and philosophically.

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